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Not important but quick to know what I do.

Lois Hong  |「Family. Freedom. Love. Global Nomad. Yolo.」


“In my point of view, wealth means living out your true inner self. The mainstream authorities of old times curbed the unique inner brilliance of individuals. They ruled the game, and only those who followed the rules became so-called winners. Nevertheless, I have always believed that everyone has a distinctive glow inside, which may differ in color but unleashes one’s inner unlimited power.”

Lois Hong was born in China and lived in Germany throughout her childhood. After completing the nine-year compulsory education in China, she left for New Zealand for further study, going back and forth between the three countries all year long.

As she was working on her degree at Auckland University in New Zealand, her family went through a tough period due to financial crisis, so that she had to apply for suspension of schooling, and that was when she began her lifelong self-discovery journey. She soon picked up herself by volunteer teaching in Tibet and Nepal, and Alpine climbing. 


She worked for Siemens after she went back to China, when she realised living a life of 9-5 struggling for promotion and pay raise doesn't feel right for her. She part-timely co-founded an internet start-up company and digital agency company. Since then, she found herself great passion on helping people and SMEs to develop their own personal branding and grow from zero to one.

Since 2014, she has gone back and forth between China and New Zealand for the reason of a love story. She helped developing urban cycling culture and bike-friendly environment with Bike Auckland Association. She also helped Auckland Transport with planning and reconstruction of city bike lanes in Auckland.

After a 6-month world trip gap in 2016, she gave up the leadership of her company and moved into the creative field of photography and filmmaking.

In 2017, She began to write articles and publish on her WeChat public account 「yingxiangzhongsheng」, which has reached more than 100,000 followers.

In 2018, while making a documentary project on homosexuality, she founded the first Chinese lgbt NPO in New Zealand with a group of Chinese lgbt fellows, and they helped developing a better environment for Chinese lgbt groups in New Zealand.

In 2019, after experiencing a long-term relationship ending, she started to live globally and put a greater focus on creative work. She began to train herself for Alpine climbing and prepared herself for the challenge of the Mt. Everest summit. She aimed to shoot documentaries while summit the 7 highest mountains of each of the 7 continents. Temporarily settled in Nanjing China.

In 2020, she started to coach people how to master their mindset and achieve exponential growth through persistent hardwork. She created online video course which she firstly used to help her business fellows and later on selling to market to help more people achieve freedom in life.



红 |「靠创业养活自由创作的梦想家。认真好玩有温度。胸无大志。随心随性」













Work Experience 

Lois Hong Vision 

2017 - Present 至今. Global 全球

Photographer / Filmmaker 独立摄影师 / 创作人

27 Digital Vision 貳柒映像网络

2010 - 2019. 

Founder 创始人


Sharehouse CN 赛皓企业管理共创空间

2013 - 2019. Nanjing, China 中国 南京

Digital Consultant 数字营销顾问

China Pride NZ 新西兰华人彩虹联盟

2018 -  2019. Auckland, New Zealand 新西兰 奥克兰

Founder 创始人 

Pfrang Association 普方慈善基金

2014 - Present 至今. Nanjing, China 中国 南京

Photographer 摄影师

Urban Sherpa 城市闪送

2015 - 2016. Auckland, New Zealand 新西兰 奥克兰

Co-Founder / Digital Advisor 联合创始人 / 数字营销顾问

Bike Auckland Association 奥克兰城市骑行协会

2014 -  2017. Auckland, New Zealand 新西兰 奥克兰

Creative Advisor / Event Organiser 创意顾问 / 活动策划

Fly Foundry Group 

2011 - 2016 Global 全球 

Founder 创始人 

Siemens 西门子

2011 - 2012. Nanjing, China 中国 南京

General Manager Assistant 翻译

Lloyd's Register Group Limited 劳氏质量认证集团

2011. Nanjing, China 中国 南京

Lloyd's Register of Shipping Intern 劳氏船级社部门实习生

Freelance Translator 自由译者

2009 - 2015. 

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